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Delphi change tray icon

Resource Icons to Tray Icons - How? - delphi

After the window has been created and everything is initialized, the program calls the procedure InstallMagicHook.

Ultimate Tray Icon 2.15. This set contains 18 icons which can be used to replace the standard icons used by Delphi for it.

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In this post, I go over how to create and display a System Tray Icon.

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How to do a program whose main graphic interface consists of an icon in the system tray.

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I know that in previous versions, you can use something called Tray Icon, how can I use this feature in Delphi 6.I have been trying to get the sound tray icons on my computer to change I tried using windows 7 tray icon changer I tried by.

Delphi - Text in Tray Icon. I am using the Delphi. like KenWhite said your problem is not how to write text on the tray icon your problem how to change the.Make specific tray icon always show for all profiles in. running that also has a system tray icon,.Find out how to customize the display and visibility of System Tray icons. change the visibility of System Tray icons.

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How to Hide or Show System Icons and Notifications. as the system tray or.Create a Custom Icon And Shortuct in system tray. This creates a shortcut in the system tray with the standard icon for the exe file.

Make specific tray icon always show for all profiles in

When the application runs, it loads the tray icon, the icons displayed when it is animated, and it also sets up a hint balloon.

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